Security and brand protection

Counterfeiting is a constantly growing phenomenon affecting many sectors such as the pharma, food, clothing, software industries. For this reason we have included in our portfolio a range of materials with the aim of helping manufacturing companies to protect their brand through advanced labelling systems, which guarantee and incorporate anti-counterfeiting and tamper-evident features.

Italnastri is able to offer customized solutions for the protection of brands, studied together with the customer and developed according to the specific needs of each industry.

Our range includes:

  • PVC films for ultra-destructible labels that expose any attempt of opening the packaging;
  • Papers and films, printed on the adhesive side with customized logos or brand names, which are invisible to the naked eye but show up under the rays of UV light;
  • Films for pharma labels, with special adhesives, developed based on the surface on which the seal is applied, so that any attempted removal of the seal tears the surface in a clear and permanent way (Falsified Medicines Directive 2011/62/EU).

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In the Wine & Spirits industry, the relationship between product quality and packaging aesthetics is increasingly intimate and strong. Wine and Spirits labels need to have a strong communicative power in order to attract customers’ attention, transfer emotions and encourage purchase.

The Food & Beverage industry, with its wide range of packaging types, needs specific materials able to meet price, functionality, quality standards and product’s appearance requirements.

Pharma labels must adapt to packaging solutions having different surfaces and dimensions, including small diameters. At the same time, they have to fulfil the stringent requirements and meet the specific challenges of the pharmaceutical industry.

Cosmetic labels combine creative and informative needs. At the same time, they must protect and identify the brand, and guarantee an optimal resistance to water and chemical agents.

The logistics sector must maximize the efficiency and traceability of products, managing production and distribution flows.

Counterfeiting is a constantly growing phenomenon affecting many sectors such as the pharma, food, clothing, software industries.

Patents and certifications.

Top Coating Wood (TCW) a patented coating with UV detectable agents.
A cost-effective and simple solution to guarantee the authenticity of the product.

Novoseal (European Patent No. 3238202)
An advanced solution to ensure that your label serves two main functions: tamper-evidence and anti-counterfeiting.

Certificazioni ISO e FSC

ISO9001:2015 and FSC® certificates
Our Quality Management System complies with ISO 9001 standards and with FSC® standards for environmental sustainability