Research and Development

We know that the continuous search for innovation is a crucial element to stand out in the market and to make a difference. The work of our Research & Development department is not limited to seeking answers to our customers’ problems and to finding solutions to the challenges posed by the market. We are committed to finding ways of gradual and continuous improvement, starting from the quality of raw materials and of production processes.

We partner with our customers and suppliers.

The specifications of papers, films and siliconized liners are defined by us in close collaboration with our customers and suppliers – with whom we work in synergy – and tested according to strict quality standards.

Choosing Italnastri means relying on a partner who:

  • Has a long-standing experience and a future-oriented vision
  • Listens to customers’ needs and provides them with technical assistance and advice
  • Knows that quality lies both in the products and in the service provided to customers.

Innovation and Quality


Our continuous search for solutions to market challenges has led us to develop materials that use and combine anti-counterfeiting and anti-tampering features.

Top Coating Wood (TCW) with Wood’s Lamp detectable agents

Our Top Coating Wood combines the ink-receptive characteristics of the TC and the presence of the UV pigmentation, which is embedded in the coating itself and only shows under a UV light. The UV pigmentation, encapsulated inside the primer, does not undergo any functional decay, remaining invisible, stable and legible over time.

Customized prints on the adhesive side with our Wood’s Lamp detectable coating system. A cost-effective and simple solution to guarantee the authenticity of the product.

  • Our Wood coating system can also offer a solution to customize our materials with logos or brands, which are invisible to the naked eye and at the same time permanently imprinted on the face stock, for labels ensuring the authenticity of products.
  • The logo/brand is printed on the adhesive side of the paper or filmic face stock, to allow the printer to track his productions and the customer to verify the authenticity of a product, by detecting the presence of the printed logo on the label using a simple UV lamp.
Anti-counterfeiting and anti-tampering multiple safety label “Novoseal” (European Patent No. 3238202)

NOVOSEAL is an advanced solution, developed thanks to the cooperation between Italnastri and Palladio Zannini, a leading manufacturer of pharma packaging and pharma labels. NOVOSEAL ensures that your product meets two main functions: anti-tampering and anti-counterfeiting.

It is a self-adhesive label made of two layers: a base layer that adheres permanently to the package and a removable upper layer.

The tamper-evident function is performed by the base layer of the label, which adheres permanently to the surface on which it is applied, providing clear evidence of tampering if any attempt is made to remove the label.

The anti-counterfeiting function is performed jointly by the base layer and the upper layer of the label, which may integrate customized graphic elements (logotype / key-code / text). NOVOSEAL satisfies both functions, allowing the producer and the final consumer to protect and identify the authenticity of the product. The customized graphic elements embedded in the multi-layered label may be invisible to the naked eye, but detectable with UV light.

Moreover, the removable upper layer can be used as a further verification element in two ways:

By embedding in it a personalized recognition element, such as an encrypted or partial print, which can be used as a reading key, overlapping it onto another encrypted or partial print impressed on the package.

By printing, on the base label and on the top label, a portion of the same text or image, so that the text can be read correctly only when the upper label is removed and placed onto the base label, rotating it until the text is complete and readable.

Certifications and sustainability

Logo Certificazione ISO 9001

ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System

Our Quality Management System complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, guaranteeing our constant efforts to achieve and maintain quality objectives.

Logo Certificazione FSC

FSC® certified products

Compliance with FSC® standards allows us to offer to our customers a wide range of products certified according to the strict requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council®, a globally recognized certification mark guaranteeing the values of sustainable forest management and responsible sourcing of raw materials.

We check and test raw materials semi-finished and finished products

Self-adhesive materials may look similar to one another, but they actually are the result of a close and delicate interaction between face stocks, adhesives and liners, on which the performance of each final product depends. For this reason, our laboratory regularly checks and tests raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, in order to guarantee compliance with stringent quality standards. The use of FINAT test methods and the sharing of internal testing procedures with those of our suppliers and our customers allow us to establish objective, repeatable and reliable evaluation criteria.

Among the main test methods we apply:

  • Grammage and caliper check
  • Evaluation of adhesive and liner performance and properties: Quick Stick / ‘loop’ tack (FTM9), Peel adhesion (FTM1), Shear (FTM8), Release (FTM3)
  • Ice Bucket test, method for checking the water resistance of wine label papers after a two-hour immersion period.

Laboratory tests

Customized solutions

We fine-tune our production cycle based on our customers’ needs.

Our R & D department and our laboratory work in close synergy to develop innovative self-adhesive solutions. Our flexible structure allows us to calibrate our production cycle to meet our customers’ needs and to respond promptly to their necessities. Challenge us. Our long-term experience, consolidated expertise, penchant for innovation and versatility make us a reliable partner who will be able to find the right solution for your needs.

Customization possibilities:

  • Adjustment of the adhesive coat weight to meet particular application requirements (increased or reduced coat weights);
  • Development of customized products for specific applications;
  • Production of multi-layer materials;
  • Different combinations of face stocks, adhesives and release liners
  • Colouring of face stocks’ adhesive side and front side;
  • Barrier constructions on a wide range of papers for increased water resistance and improved mechanical properties;
  • Customization of UV detectable coating with customized logos or texts on customer request;
  • Contract coating with customer-supplied face stocks, adhesives or release liners