Plastic films

Our plastic films for self-adhesive labels are designed to meet the needs of all those sectors requiring a performance that is not achievable with a paper label, such as transparency, impermeability, high mechanical resistance, conformability and stability even after a prolonged exposure to water and atmospheric or chemical agents.

Our film label stock portfolio includes a variety of materials of different nature, thickness and flexibility, to service a variety of end uses.

  • Polypropylene, polyethylene and vinyl materials;
  • Clear, white, black, metallized;
  • Glossy or matt finishes;
  • Treated with Top Coatings specially designed to guarantee excellent printability;
  • Ultra destructible PVC for security labels;
  • Available with PET liner for a superior application efficiency.

Polypropylene films (PP)

Versatile and with good conformability, resistant to heat and chemical agents, polypropylene films are used in many sectors: for food and beverage labels, in particular in the clear ‘no-label-look’ and white glossy version; for home and personal care labels; in the pharmaceutical sector (also for anti-tampering labels); for open-close labels; with lower thicknesses for the overlamination of printed labels or to reduce the environmental impact

Polypropylene films (PP)

Our range of PP films includes:

  • 20μm transparent PP film for overlamination, glossy or matt
  • 30μm transparent PP film for multi-layer or low-thickness labels
  • 38μm white cavitated PP film with a pearlescent look
  • 50μm transparent PP film suitable for tamper evident labels
  • 56μm squeezable PP film, for shaped containers requiring conformable labels
  • 60μm super-transparent for ‘no-label-look’ solutions, or transparent matt PP film
  • 60μm white glossy, white matt or white cavitated pearlescent PP film
  • 60μm high gloss silver metallized PP film, with protected metallized layer
  • 60μm black glossy PP film

Top Coats:

  • TC – Ink receptive top coating;
  • TCW – Top Coating Wood, ink receptive top coating that incorporates UV detectable agents, for high-speed label dispensing or for verification of successful product labeling;
  • TCM – Top Coating for Xeikon digital printing;
  • MATT – Ink receptive top coating giving a matt finish

Polyethylene film (PE)

Polyethylene film (PE)

Soft and highly conformable, our self-adhesive polyethylene films are particularly suitable for labels meant to be applied on squeezable containers undergoing continuous stresses and compressions, commonly used in the food, home and personal care industry. Particularly suitable also for application on small diameter containers, they are also widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our range of PE films includes:

  • 85μm transparent glossy or transparent matt PE film, TC treated
  • 85μm white glossy or white matt PE film, TC treated

HDPE coated films (high-density polyethylene) for wine labels or premium products:

  • ITALART MATT WHITE (white matt, scuff resistant)
  • ITALART GOLD SATIN (iridescent gold, finely embossed)
  • ITALART ICE LINE (iridescent silver, line textured)

PVC films

Vinyl films are very elastic, highly conformable, and very resistant to atmospheric and chemical agents. These characteristics make it a versatile self-adhesive material, suitable for durable goods labels, but also for decorative and promotional labels in a variety of end-uses, including Wine & Spirits labels. Vinyl films also have excellent printability without the need for top coating treatments.

PVC films

Our range of PVC films includes:

  • 90μm transparent glossy PVC film
  • 90μm transparent matt PVC film
  • 90μm white glossy PVC film
  • 90μm white matt PVC film
  • 90μm black glossy PVC film
  • 90μm black matt PVC film
  • 120 μm transparent glossy PVC film

Specialty films

Specialty films

Our specialty films include tailor-made solutions for specific needs and applications.

Our range of Specialty films includes:

  • Thin double-sided adhesive films for Wine & Spirits collars
  • Double-sided adhesive films to adhesivize a wide range of different surfaces; on request with a different adhesive on each side of the film;
  • Films for tamper-evident pharma labels, with special adhesives designed according to the substrate on which the label will be applied;
  • Films laminated with paper to obtain functional barriers or greater mechanical resistance;
  • Ultra-destructible PVC film for tamper-evident labels: it easily delaminates when removed from the application substrate, making it the ideal product for printing security labels and brand protection labels.
  • Tailor-made films with UV detectable coating, featuring customized logos or texts on customer request.

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