We know the imaginative mind of graphic designers, the production needs of printers and the application requirements of labels’ end-users. Our materials are the perfect combination to satisfy all three elements.

Our wide range of self-adhesive materials include papers and plastic films for all kinds of application, performance and intended use. We conceive them, we design them, we select the raw materials and then we manufacture them, with the utmost care and attention. Studied by us. Created in our laboratories and developed together with our customers, to offer you the most suitable support for your creative and functional needs, responding to the continuous challenges of the market.

Our papers are available in a wide range of finishes, colors and textures, with various degrees of surface gloss and weight.

Our range includes pure cellulose papers, wood free papers, OBA free papers (without optical brighteners), papers with special treatments such as greaseproof, anti-mold, and WS (Wet Strength) for a certified resistance to moisture. Our specialties include barrier papers for wine applications, double-sided papers, multi-layer constructions, opaque papers and customized products with personalized logos printed on the adhesive side.


Plastic Films

Our selection includes plastic films with different degrees of flexibility and conformability, treated with top coatings and primers.

Our plastic films for self-adhesive labels are designed to meet the needs of all those sectors requiring a performance that is not achievable with a paper label, such as transparency, impermeability, high mechanical resistance, conformability and stability even after a prolonged exposure to water and atmospheric or chemical agents.

The anatomy of a label

A self-adhesive label is the result of a close and delicate interaction between the face stock, the adhesive, and the release liner. All three elements must work in synergy to offer the best performance in each end-use sector. In our laboratories, each component of our self-adhesive laminates is selected and tested in combination with the others, to ensure the highest quality and performance of the final label.

Why using Italnastri materials for your labels?

Guaranteed performance

Our pressure sensitive laminates are designed to ensure the utmost efficiency from the point of view of printing properties, adhesive performance, resistance and application/dispensing needs.

Materials for all creative needs

Our face stocks are selected to attract customers through a catchy visual effect, to inspire the imagination of designers, to differentiate and build brands through premium materials.

Customized solutions

Developed in our laboratories and designed together with our customers to offer the perfect answer and the most suitable substrate to satisfy the needs of every sector.

Other components

We only use acrylic water-based adhesives, developed over the years in partnership with our suppliers, to guarantee the best performance in each end-use application.

Our range of release liners is designed to satisfy all application and dispensing needs. From glassine papers to clay coated papers, in different colors and grammages, to PET liners for high-speed label dispensing and a superior mechanical resistance during converting.